Shifts of Light / Tones in Transition​.​.​.

from Welcome to Us 2 by Allison Crowe



Shifts of Light

Composed by Allison Crowe

We are in water – we are in shadow – we are in trouble right now
We have to be sorted – we have to be careful – we have to be brave, still, somehow

I will open the path, we will speak tenderly
We will walk, we will save ourselves – render me
in shifts of light so I feel the day as it breaks,
it is breaking me, it is breaking us all

Over the surface – run sinews of cold dust – it’s too cold to feel my hands
It will not be easy – there will not be revelry – but we will see where it all stands

You will open the light, I will ask quietly
We will run, we will help each other – now severe me from the
absence of shelter to the defiance of the day
It will put us together – it will keep us all together

Under the water – we breathe in the water – we choke or we learn how to live
We’ve already sorted – we’ve done what we wanted – but we are never quite done somehow

We will open our arms, we will speak graciously
We will fall, we will brace ourselves – deliver me to the
patience of our laughter in a quiet loving hand
We will be on our own, we will hold our own, we will meet again,
We will meet again


from Welcome to Us 2, released April 3, 2018


all rights reserved



Allison Crowe Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

"Why music?" "Why breathing?"

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