You All Haunt Me

from Six More Songs by Allison Crowe



Memories. Lessons. Life.


You All Haunt Me

Composed by Allison Crowe
As performed by Allison Crowe and Band

I would take it back
if it was even real
I would tell you how
exactly how I feel
And it would be ugly
and you would be scared

Can’t you see my face?
Oh can you hear my voice?
Now, how can you tell me
that this is a choice,
Did I ask for this?
Now, why would I do that?

And this is all I have
And this is all I am
And you haunt me, you all haunt me

Now, if you think that I forgot
if you think that I’ve moved on
I ask you - have you even met me?
What planet are you on?
I don't forget anything
even though I try

I may be too intense
I may be too revealed
Yeah, I may be crazy, baby
But you’re so, so concealed
I never saw a thing

And this is all I have
And this is all I am
And you haunt me, you all haunt me

Now, why did I do this?
Yeah, why did I say that?
And why did you pretend to care
when I know that you were watching me cry
Yeah, you watched me die

When light circled my eyes
and my heart tried to leave me
My words were all gone wild
Not even I could believe me
any more
You have to know that I tried

And this is all I am
And this is all I have
And you haunt me, yeah, you haunt me

You haunt me

You all haunt me


from Six More Songs, released May 1, 2020
Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, cello, guitar, fiddle, Seaboard and more);
Sarah Melanie White (mandolin, bouzouki, vocals+)
Dave Baird (bass); &
Keelan Purchase (accordion, guitar, harmonica, vocals)

Allison Crowe: Composer & Co-Producer
Adam Thistle: Recording/Mixing Engineer & Co-Producer

Billie Woods Photography
Mind Palace Design


all rights reserved



Allison Crowe Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

"Why music?" "Why breathing?"

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