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"I love singing for people. It's a way to connect and share with others. Communication is crucial. Just being able to do what I do, to write and sing and perform, makes me feel not only alive, but incredibly lucky. Knowing at any moment everything could change, I don't take one second for granted." ~ Allison Crowe (full bio @ )

Canada is birth-place to popular songsmiths Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Buffy Sainte-Marie, poets Pauline Johnson and Al Pittman, painter Emily Carr, short-story writer Alice Munro, pianists Oscar Peterson and Glenn Gould. Generations of true north inspiration.

Today, in tune with the country’s motto, ‘From Sea to Sea’ (‘D'un océan à l'autre’), bi-coastal musician Allison Crowe’s creating an expansive, singular, body of work.

Near the start of this century, when Crowe first performed on national television, Canadian media personality Vicki Gabereau noted: “You don’t sound like anybody else, honey. Nobody sounds like you.”

Thank you for being here - for lending your ears. Sláinte!

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